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Tips Every New Yoga Teacher Should Adopt

Learning yoga is among the best decisions one can make in their life. Yoga is a spiritual practice and brings healing to the soul. It does not only make one physically fit but emotionally and mentally healthy. Yoga means “union” it is essentially a way of uniting the spirit, mind, and body. The practice is nowadays practiced all over the world helping more people understand their inner self more. This article will guide newbie yoga teachers on how to achieve the best in their career. Read on.


Practice does not only help you improve your postures and alignment but also increases the confidence you need as a yoga teacher. It is best to practice at least two hours in a day for the best results. If you become lazy and satisfied with what you know, your future career will be adversely affected.

Be Humble

yoga poses, teacherA yoga teacher is supposed to help people connect and reinvent themselves. You play an important role in helping people reconnect with their souls. This can only be achieved if you are compassionate and humble. You cannot take people to the other world if you are rude and arrogant. In fact, they will not understand or follow your teachings.

Keep Learning

Learning is continuous; we never stop to learn. Do not relax on what you already know but find avenues to learn more and keep yourself updated with the latest postures and alignments. Join yoga pages, subscribe to blogs and get the latest news on yoga.

Be Ready to Help

Be prepared to get calls from your students anytime. It is, therefore, important to be always willing to help. Give a helping hand to that soul anytime they need someone to offer a shoulder. You should never fail a student. Always be there for them and provide the necessary guidance.

Share Your Experiences

Try to connect more with your students by sharing your experiences. By sharing your experience, they will find it easy to learn and connect. Your students will learn better and faster if you help them connect through stories than theoretically.

Develop Your Practice

Yoga entails more practice than theory. Understand the concepts and theory and come up with your expertise and skill. Say no copycats.

Practice Integrity

women yoga classIt is crucial to be authentic in your practice. I mean, practice what you preach. If you do not follow your teachings, do not expect anyone to learn and benefit from you. The more authentic you are in your practice, the better the results. There is no time your gains should be put before integrity.