Love love loved this place
Could not have picked a better place to eat ! My bf and I were on our way home from Manchester TN after we spent four days at Bonnaroo the music festival. This little town was the perfect spot to stop after four days of non stop live music with thousands of awesome, relaxed people. We were not ready to get back to our hectic NY lives, but I was ready to eat like I was back home. I was so excited when I saw the menu for the Flying Frog Cafe it looked perfect for a early dinner with items that were light and healthy.

Everything was delicious and we were able to sit outside and enjoy the community around us.

Christina S.West Islip, NY  


Haters gonna hate, Lovers gonna love.

The fact is the frog is a great bar. I wouldn’t eat there unless I was scrambling to find food somewhere late at night, but as far as bars go it’s up there as one of the most consistently pleasing places to grab a drink.

The location is top notch, located at one of the busier intersections in town, the people watching from the patio alone makes this place a great watering hole.

They also infuse their own alcohol here. Spiced Whiskey? Habanero Tequila? Cucumber Rosemary Vodka? Each of their flavored spirits are delightful and change on a rotating basis, you never know what you’re bound to get.

The service is fine to good. I don’t know what people are whining about. They ask you what you want to drink and bring it. What more do you need? Once again, I haven’t had the food, but I haven’t had a single complaint.

I stay away on Friday and Saturday evenings for the most part, quite a bit of Khaki shorts and white shoes or sandals if you know what I mean…..

Kipper S.Asheville, NC

Pretty good, if a little overpriced. (I’ve never eaten upstairs, just in the basement.) I’m a sucker for weird juxtaposiitions, so I can’t resist the Indian sampler as an appetizer and the German sampler as my main. Dunno why, but it works.

But the prices are sortof over the top. Claire’s “splurge” reference is about right.

David B.Decatur, GA